Kids everywhere are looking forward to all the sweet treats Halloween has to offer. As a parent, you may feel less excited about it if you’re concerned about the long term effects on your child’s teeth. Here’s how to look out for your trick-or-treaters’ dental health while still enjoying the holiday fun.

Some Candies are Safer

It may sound surprising, but not all candies are equal in how they affect your teeth. Sticky or chewy candies can be worse for your child’s teeth because they can leave behind a residue. Opting for hard candies or chocolates can be safer because the sugars are more easily washed away by their saliva or by drinking a glass of water afterwards. Even better, if you can find sugar-free candy options, choose those, since sugar feeds the bacteria that leads to cavities.

Teach Sharing

Halloween can also be a great time to teach your child about sharing, and therefore about enjoying things in moderation. It can be tempting to gather as much candy as possible all to oneself, but encouraging your child to share with a sibling or friend can make enjoying their candy a lot more fun, and healthier too. How to look out for your trick-or-treaters’ dental health can be as simple as teaching kindness, double win!

Enjoy Sweets After a Meal

Offering candy after a full meal can be a helpful way to prevent your child from eating too much sweets. If their stomachs are already filled with healthy food, they won’t be able to “fill up” on candy in an unhealthy way.

Drink Water Afterwards

Keep cups of water or bottles of fluoridated water within easy reach and encourage your child to drink some water after they enjoy their candy. Drinking water can help to wash away the sugary residue until they can brush their teeth after the party.

Brush and Floss

Of course, last but not least, make sure that your child brushes their teeth well, and flosses if age appropriate. Everyone can feel extra tired after all the fun on the night of Halloween, but it’s important to ensure no harmful sugars are left behind on their teeth that could cause cavities. Brushing your teeth with them, especially if you’ve shared a treat or two, can also help to set a good example of healthy dental care!

Call your child’s dentist if you have further questions about how to look out for your trick-or-treaters’ dental health. Pediatric dentists are in the business of keeping your child’s smile happy and healthy so will be glad to offer suggestions and answer questions about how to enjoy the holiday without compromising their dental health.

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