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“I have been bringing my 3 boys for 5 and a half years. We love coming and couldn’t ask for a better dentist. Everyone is so friendly and very helpful. One of my boys had to have a cap and a filling today. At first it was a cap. When they checked all of his teeth they also had to do a filling. They informed me about it before doing the procedures. Someone also called and checked on my son this afternoon. They are all wonderful.”

Tiffany G.

Discovering your child has a cavity can be a shock- but we can fix it! We treat teeth with precision fillings and long-lasting crowns every day!

At Lawton Kids Dentistry & Braces, our team works hard to make treatment as simple, painless, convenient and pleasant as possible. Plus, the earlier you come in for your child to receive a filling or crown, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid a potential emergency later.

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It’s always better to fix a tooth before it starts to hurt. Schedule an appointment with our Lawton Kids Dentistry & Braces team today so you can take care of your child’s cavity and avoid a bigger issue later.

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