Tongue- And Lip-Tie Services

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Andrea C.

Few things make a mother feel so desperate as seeing her child struggle. Tongue- and lip-ties can cause many difficulties in children, from newborns struggling to nurse, to older children with speech trouble, and beyond.

At Lawton Kids Dentistry & Braces, we offer tongue- and lip-tie services to help your child thrive. If you suspect an issue, our highly trained dentists will provide an evaluation to determine if the connective tissue (frenum) of your child’s tongue, lips, or gums is too tight, interfering with sucking ability, speech, and other essential functions.

Our Lawton Kids Dentistry & Braces team can treat tongue- and lip- ties right here in our office, by performing a quick and simple release (frenectomy). This procedure is done by gently trimming the tissue to give full mobility to the lips and tongue and heals quickly.

Call Lawton Kids Dentistry & Braces at 580.248.8418 to see how our tongue- and lip-tie services can drastically improve a mother’s breastfeeding experience and make all the difference in your child’s ability to eat, speak, and sleep with ease.

Call Lawton Kids Dentistry & Braces at 580.248.8418

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